Andy Halliday and Caleb Jewell

Interview with Caleb Jewell

So after training last week, I got to sit down with Caleb Jewell our overseas player for the season, to find out a little bit more about him.

Tell us a little about yourself, where is home, what is the name of the club side you play for back home etc?

I’m from Hobart Tasmania and my local club is North Hobart Cricket Club. I’ve played there my whole life since I was a junior. I’ve gone through the ranks with junior cricket and now I’m with them and the Hurricanes

Is this your first time to England?

Yes, this is my first season in the UK.

It’s ‘lovely and warm outside’ – we had to do this interview as it was freezing and raining (welcome to England).

Have you played for a club outside of Australia before?

I’ve done a season for VOC Rotterdam in Holland about 5 years ago. It was very different, I made some good friends there. The cricket was decent, but I thought it was time to experience this (UK) as I heard so many good things about it. I was 19 at the time 

So you have been in Doncaster for just over a week now, how are you finding it?

Yeah, it’s very different from home that’s for sure. A bit of a culture shock, I’ve enjoyed the family feel around the place. Every night I’ve been here there have been people having a beer at the bar, I’ve really enjoyed that bit. To start with three wins was a good start as well. 

We both saw you play down here last Sunday and part of Monday and some of the shots were sublime. If you haven’t seen them head over to our Facebook page for the highlights clip or Youtube to watch the entire match. 

So the season started last week, have you got any personal goals?

Nope, not at all. I’ve come in with a bit of an open mind. I just want to make sure that I give everyone everything that I’ve got and to try and help a few guys along the way. I’m pretty confident in my game and hopefully I can score some runs, I’m not really here for my own stats. Just want to have some fun and see where we can go as a team. There’s a lot of cups to play in which I’m not used to. (The next round of the National cup is this Sunday away at York). 

Do you like the fact that we have live recording of home games, so friends and family back home can watch or does that add to the pressure? – again Thanks to the Eco Power Group for sponsoring these. 

I’m quite used to it, we have it at our club at home, plus the other games that are on TV, but it’s good for them to watch and follow even though it’s not a great time in the night. They like to switch on and see how I’m doing as I don’t really tell them that much. 

All the adult games will be live streamed down at the Eco Power Oval. There aren’t many other teams in the league with the facility so it’s just home games which will be available.

Caleb Jewell and Andy Halliday laughing

Cricket History

What age did you start playing cricket?

I didn’t really start until I was about 8 or 9. I was a bit of a late starter. Cricket wasn’t really my number one sport growing up. But it ended up being the one I had the best path to be a professional. I’m glad I made that decision. 

I know cricket is huge in Australia, but did you as a child like the sport?

I liked it, yeah, but I didn’t think I would be a professional at it or anything like that. A lot of my mates didn’t really play, but I played a lot of Aussie Rules footy growing up. A bit of basketball. But when I got to  12,13,14 I started to get into a few squads in Tassie and I was on my way from there.

I was going to give it away for a year, I wasn’t interested before then but then started playing Sunday league when I was 13/14 and when I came back I had a fair go at it. 

Who were Caleb Jewells cricket idols as a child? 

Adam Gilchrist is the one, I was a bit of a keeper when I was younger. He was probably the main one. There was plenty in that area that I would happily watch,  Hayden and Ponty as well but probably Gulchrist. 

As a cricketer what has been your best moment?

My big bash debut was pretty cool. There were 40-50 thousand there. So from nothing to playing on a big stage there. That’s probably my highlight so far. Every hundred you get is always nice. (He has already had one for DTCC and we’re hoping for a few more). 

What’s your favourite ground you have ever played at?

Probably Adelaide oval, it’s quite nice. I’ve played quite a few games there. MCG is also pretty special to play at, just haven’t done very well there.

What’s your worst ground you hate playing at?

I don’t like any, there’s a few I’ve historically not done well at, but I don’t dislike any.

What’s the one ground you really hope to play at?

Lords would be nice, probably the ultimate and that new ground in India that would be pretty cool. 

Couldn’t remember the name of the ground on the night but it’s Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad with a capacity of 132,000 fans. 

As a top order batsman you must have heard some great sledging comments, are there funny ones you want to share?

None that would be suitable to share on here (I had a feeling he might have said that). 

What’s your favourite, type of cricket, one day, T20s, tests

Beef will be happy with the answer. 4 day cricket is my favourite, that’s the ultimate for me. But I enjoy T20 cricket as well. That and one day is probably my strongest format of cricket but 4 days will always be the test for me. 

If you don’t know what I mean, check out the interview I did with Beef last year and his comments on T20.

Doncaster and your new home

As we covered, you have been in Doncaster for just over a week now, I’ve got some questions for you on Doncaster and playing here.

How have you found the Yorkshire accent among most of your teammates?

I’m starting to catch on a little bit, i’m trying to speak a little. It’s a bit thicker than what I’m used to. There is some slang in there that I haven’t quite caught onto yet. But I can understand it fairly well. 

So you have known your teammates now for just over a week, what’s your first thoughts on the team?

Good bunch of boys, like I said before, it’s a good family feel. Everyones here, catching up having a beer. (After the interview he went back into the bar area with the rest of the team mates after a training session). Some good cricketers in there.

I’m guessing before you signed for Doncaster you Googled the place, was there anywhere you saw you wanted to visit?

I didn’t but my mum did, she wasn’t overly impressed with some of the stats that’s coming out of Doncaster. But it didn’t matter to me, I just wanted to get here and play and be here when the Ashes are on (don’t worry I asked him about the ashes later). Sorry Caleb mum, it’s honestly not as bad as you might have read. Doncaster is a great place.

When are you here till?

Not sure, I haven’t booked a return ticket yet. 

Where is next for you? Are you having a break or going to play elsewhere?

Straight back into a preseason camp somewhere, but no there won’t be a break. The camp will be a couple of weeks before the season and then straight into it. 

You didn’t have a break coming over here, you last game was I think three days before you arrived.

Hopefully I can get away for a week while I’m here. This is as good as a holiday for me.


So I see your planning on coaching on a Friday with some of our juniors, are you looking forward to that?

Yeah, I haven’t really done it before but its something I am looking forward to. I did a bit in Holland, but anywhere I can help thats what I am here for. Hopefully I can impart a bit of knowledge on some before I leave. 

My son is there, he’s nearly 11 and loves the sport. What advice would you give him and all the other youngsters at DTCC about cricket?

Cricket advice is weird, you always give it but you never do it until you get a bit older, just enjoy it. If you have a bad game don’t worry about it, you get another chance next week. Don’t beat yourself up too much about it. 

The Ashes

Before you go, I’ve got to ask you this, you will be over here when the Ashes are on, are you looking forward to them.

Yeah hopefully I can get to a few games, but it’s going to be a cracker. I’m looking forward to it. I’m glad I’m here, I think it’s a bit different when you’re over here. Plus being the outsider amongst everyone else which should be fun. I’m looking forward to that. 

What do you think Australia’s chances are?

Yeah good, I’m pretty confident. I think we will do well.

Thank you for taking the time to sit with me after training tonight.

Good luck for the rest of the season.

Also a big shoutout to Caleb Jewell player sponsor whilst he is here, Hawsons Chartered Accountants 

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